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Ditch the bland baby food… Try flavoursome, aromatic baby food!

There is a common myth that baby food should be bland food for babies due to the risk allergic reactions, sensitive tummies and so on. However, this is entirely untrue! In fact, from the age of 7 months, introducing babies to a wide variety of foods, tastes and textures (provided the four day rule has been adhered to) will help to broaden their palate making them less fussy eaters as they grow older.

Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook (published by Autharium) was written for this purpose. To broaden palates and to excite little taste buds without the use of salt, sugar or chilli.

It is the UK’s FIRST Indian baby food cook book focusing on the health benefits of cooking with SuperFoods and culinary spices, also known as ‘SuperSpices’, within a baby’s diet. It examines how cooking with nutrient-rich foods can help parents provide babies and toddlers with an overall balanced diet which includes all of the necessary vitamins, minerals and calories required for healthy growth and development.

With the sole theme being Indian cuisine, all recipes include the use of fragrant spices such as turmeric, cumin and cinnamon amongst others, to make the meals flavoursome and tasty for baby. All recipes also include detailed, thoroughly researched nutritional information validating why each meal is a ‘SuperMeal’, chock-full with nutritional value for babies and toddlers.


Choose from traditional Indian recipes such as curries and rice dishes or old favourites like Salmon Risotto, Lamb Tagine and Vegetable Paella with an Indian twist.

For children with a sweet tooth, there’s even a whole chapter dedicated to delicious desserts including traditional Indian desserts like Gajar Halwa; made healthy by using the natural sweetness of SuperFoods carrots and raisins instead of lots of sugar to sweeten the dish.

For those of you are unfamiliar with spices, the book includes two must-have ‘Spice Starter Kits’ to introduce at various stages of your baby’s development, all readily available to buy at supermarkets.

So this book is for all of my fellow mummies who want to feed their little one Indian inspired, tasty, nutritionally dense meals as I did, but were unable to find any books on the subject. Believe me when I say my little one is a less fussy eater because of it.

Try some recipes for yourself from the ‘recipes’ page on the site.

Image and article © Zainab Jagot Ahmed and Zainab Jagot Ahmed Indian Baby Food. 2012.

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