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SuperSpice of the Month: Cloves

Cloves are a powerful, warm spice that can be used for cooking with both sweet and savoury dishes. They contain an active component called ‘eugenol’ which has many health promoting properties for baby and the rest of the family.


Quick-fire benefits:

Treats Flatulence
If you have a gassy little baby, cloves can help to reduce the pressure in little bellies thus reducing discomfort.

Fungal Nappy Rash Protection
The active component eugenol has anti-fungal properties which may help to protect against fungal nappy rash (thrush infection). This infection causes the skin to develop a bright red moist rash with pimples which spreads into the folds of baby’s skin (ouch!). It can also protect against the fungal infection athletes foot.

Teething Pains
Clove oil helps to reduce pain in toothaches and sore gums which could be used as a natural remedy to help with your little ones teething pains. But please consult your doctor before applying clove oil directly to little gums.

Important: Please DO NOT feed spices to babies younger than 7 months of age.


NHS Choices – Nappies

Wake Up World – Health Benefits of Cloves

Elements4Health – The Health Benefits of Cloves

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  1. Awesome info! How do you add it to baby food? Powdered or whole? Please suggest Zainab 🙂

    • Hello Sanam. Really pleased you’ve found the info useful. I used both powdered and whole in my daughter’s meals. I used just a tiny pinch (powdered) when my little one was as young as 7 months. From 10 months onwards I was using whole cloves in her meals. If you use whole cloves in kids meals just make sure you dig it out of the curry before you serve it to your little one.
      I hope that helps. Please get in touch again if you need any further advice. x

  2. I love cloves,but never knew it has such super qualities! Good post Zainab :)!


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