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Home-made baby food on the go!


Mums! I went to The Baby Show at Kensington Olympia over the weekend to see what new and exciting things might be around for babies and I was really excited to find these two fabulous baby feeding products that are great for taking home-made baby food out and about without any mess.

As you know, I’m 100% home-made baby food all the way and really wish these products had been around when I was weaning my daughter. It would have made meeting up with friends, going on play dates or shopping a lot easier. And the best part is you can be rest-assured you know exactly what ingredients have gone into your little ones meals over store bought pouches and jars.

The first is a brand new product called Sucup which just launched last Friday (25th Oct).


It comes in two sizes for kids:

  • Sucup Teeny-Weany – 4 months plus
  • Sucup Toddler – 10 months plus

The cups work by using vacuum technology to reduce food wastage, they are dishwasher safe and Sucup Teeny-Weany has a baby-friendly mouth-piece.

As baby grows, you can move onto Sucup Toddler which is a bigger cup to allow for bigger portions and textured, lumpier food. Sucup also comes in a range of different colours. For more details visit

The other is a product called Fill n Squeeze.



This clever system allows you to squeeze homemade baby food into bright, colourful pouches that resemble popular pre-filled pouches available in supermarkets. The pouches are portable, mess free, and are also dishwasher safe so can be used again and again.

Suitable for babies from the age of 4 months and up, Fill n Squeeze comes in a handy starter pack which contains:

  • pouch filler jug
  • plunger (which doubles up as a masher)
  • jug closure cap
  • 5 x 150ml squeezee reusable pouches, sterile and ready to use.

Click here to see a video of how simple this product is to use or visit for more details.

Whichever baby feeding product takes your fancy, you simply need to blend or mash your home-cooked baby food, place it in one of the two products and you and your baby are set for the day!

Why not try my Veggie Korma recipe suitable for stage 2: 7 month plus babies and either scoop it into a Sucup, or squeeze it into a Fill n Squeeze pouch and see how you get on. Indian SuperMeals on the go!!!




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  1. Thanks for sharing these two brilliant and innovative products!


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