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Weaning – When to move on from purees?

puree to soft lumps


It’s a good idea to move on from purees fairly swiftly once your little one is accustomed to the texture. As the longer you offer purees to your baby, the more difficult it can be to introduce soft lumps at the next stage of the weaning process (stage 2); you don’t want a lazy eater.

Soft lumps are also vital to help babies master the chewing motion. Chewing, a hugely important motor skill for babies gives the jaw, lips and tongue muscles a regular work out. Working the jaw and these muscles is crucial as these are the same muscles required to help baby develop speech later in childhood.

It really isn’t an issue of your little one has no teeth, so don’t let that hold you back from introducing soft lumps. Your little one’s gums will be hard and she’ll be able to mash soft lumps easily enough.

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