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Yumbox Lunchbox Review


When I was asked to review the yumbox lunchbox I jumped at the chance. Aaliyah will be going to school in September so it couldn’t have come at a better time. And after reading more about it, I was very interested in the features the yumbox lunch box had to offer…

It comes in a range of fab, bright colours – a great feature for kids. I asked for the pink one as my little one is obsessed with anything pink. But for us mums, there are some other features that are even better!

  • Leak-proof lid so you can spoon yogurt into one of the compartments next to a sandwich or crackers without worrying it will leak all over the place. Great! No mess!
  • Five separate compartments for different foods. Cleverly the five compartments reflect five 1/2 cup portions of the key food groups – Fruit, Vegetable, Grains, Protein, Dairy. Ensuring you pack a healthy lunch for your little one. To make it even easier the tray is illustrated so you know which compartment is related to which food group – brilliant!
  • The separate compartments also promotes portion control to ensure your little on isn’t over eating.
  • Saves you money. You don’t need to buy sandwich bags, cling film and so on to store the food in the lunchbox. Just put it in the relevant section and you can be sure your sandwiches won’t fall apart or anything will leak. All materials used in the production are food safe, BPA-free and phthalates-free.

So, time to put it to the test….

Earlier this week I posted my Delish Garlic Mushrooms with Tuna Cous Cous recipe which makes a great healthy quick kids meal or lunch time snack. So in the yumbox it went with some yogurt, red pepper sticks and a satsuma. I left the protein section empty as I had included tuna in the cous cous.

Yum-Box Empty and Full

I closed the lid and tipped it in a few different directions because I just had to to test the leak-proof lid. Then hubby then felt the need to literally tip it upside down as I wasn’t ‘testing it enough’. Anyway, I opened the yumbox and this is what we saw…

Yum-box lid down

I kid you not! Everything was in the EXACTLY same place – as promised!  There was only a tiny bit of yogurt on the lid from when it had been tipped upside down. But it certainly hadn’t leaked into another compartment.  So, my overall thoughts…..

Five stars! Works exactly as it should and a very clever way to ensure a healthy diet for a child. I would highly recommend it.

gold stars




A Happy Chomper!



competition time badgeIf you fancy a chance at winning a fab Yumbox as a Mother’s Day present to yourself (worth £24.95), head over to my facebook page to enter. Look for the pinned post at the top of the page. Good luck!

Ends midnight Wed 11th March. UK entrants only.



* Disclosure – we were gifted this yumbox in exchange for a fair, honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Barbara #

    Great review! The Yumbox is fantastic. I have bought several ones for all the family (including myself :;) Its a decent size, very durable and more than anything teaches the kids about portion control and food groups! I got mine here

  2. I love the idea of the boxes and perfect for knowing exactly what Lil G is eating for his lunch when he starts school in September! Eek x


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