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Fever-Relieving Ice Lollies

fever-relieving-ice-lollies-2So it appears tis the season to have a high fever! Aaliyah has been ill with a virus twice in the last month! Whilst I have been giving her Calpol to bring down her fever, I also want her to give her body a chance to build up it’s own immunity, instead of giving her medication all the time.

I’ve always incorporated herbs and spices into Aaliyah’s diet since she was a baby, which has been great for her immune system, but recently the viruses seem to be coming thick and fast at school. So I wanted to give her immune system a little boost with a natural remedy that would help.

One HUGE problem! Natural remedies taste pretty awful! The mix of spices and ingredients used aren’t to create a lovely taste… it’s to do a job. Heal! As an adult, I’ll close my eyes and knock back a natural remedy, fully aware that it can taste vile, but ultimately know it’s best for my system. But try telling that to a child!

Aaliyah will quite happily take her Calpol like clockwork, but give her a questionable looking (and smelling) herbal infusion, and there is no way she’ll be drinking it. So, I decided to make these immune-boosting herbal infusions a bit more palatable for children. Make them into yummy ice-lollies!!

Ice-lollies are cool and hydrating – perfect for aiding a mild fever, the apple is high in vitamin C, great for boosting the immune system, and ginger is believed to help reduce fever.

Finally (and most importantly), these lollies are perfect for lifting a child’s spirits when they’re poorly!

Total prep time – 16 mins
Freezing time – min 4 hours (ideally overnight)
Makes 6 ice-lollies

1″ (thumb-sized) piece ginger root – peeled
200ml water
1 tbsp raisins
Fresh apple juice (not from concentrate)

Chop the ginger into three big chunks and place in a saucepan along with the water and raisins. Bring to the boil and allow to simmer gently for 15 mins until you can smell the ginger in the air. Then set aside and allow to cool.

Once cooled, strain the raisin and ginger infusion, and evenly split the mixture between 6 ice-lolly moulds (approx 2 teaspoons per lolly). Top up with some fresh apple juice, give them a little stir, pop the lids on and place them upright in the freezer for to set for at least 4 hours (ideally overnight). Offer one to your little once or twice a day to lift spirits!


You can find more immune-boosting recipes like this one in my brand new weaning cookbook – The Flavour-led Weaning Cookbook, out 2nd March 2017. Available for pre-order here.



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