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Hi there…I’m Zainab. I’m mum to a little angel born in 2011, author of three Asian-themed weaning cookbooks, I’m a blogger and freelance marketing consultant living in Leicester.

Prior to becoming a mummy, I worked in London in marketing for over 10 years in the fashion, entertainment and retail industries. A brilliant time in my life, but after the birth of my little angel – it didn’t feel like the right place to be anymore. So we upped and left around 6 months ago. Now living closer to family again makes the world of difference and I don’t think I could move back! But would I want too??

After my daughter ‘A’ was born other things changed too – I starting paying more attention to the nutritional content of the meals I was cooking which I never really paid much attention to before. I was also keen to wean her with aromatic spices, something that is frequently done amongst Asian parents, but surprisingly there were no cookbooks available with baby-friendly recipes.

I couldn’t find what I was looking for so I decided to create my own nutrient-rich versions of not just traditional Indian meals, but food from other cultures – British, Spanish, Italian etc all with a hint of Indian running through them. It’s amazing how much variety you can add in your family’s diet just by adding different aromatic spices to everyday meals to jazz them up a little.

So this brings us to present… blogging about Asian-themed baby food, finger foods, toddler meals and family meals – all cooked using aromatic spices and no overcomplicated cooking processes; I like to cook meals that are easy.

And now back at work, my love for cooking with nutrient-rich foods is even stronger! With less time on my hands, I am conscious that my meals not only need to be nutritious, they need to tick all of my boxes including being:

  • quick
  • tasty
  • flavoursome
  • and satisfy the whole family every evening.

So the recipes on this blog also perfect for the working mum.

I hope you and your family enjoy cooking and eating my yummy recipes. I know we have.

Me cooking


I also guest blog for My Baba

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  1. You have a wonderful blog! I know where to look when I have a baby 🙂 Thanks for coming by my page and liking it, it was a lovely surprise.

    • ZainabJagotAhmed #

      great to hear! Thanks for visiting mine too 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting jennswondering! I figured out that my guys just didn’t like me cooking the bland Irish-American food I grew up on when they scarfed down Chicken Tikka Masala, thankfully delivered from our local favorite. After that it was Thai Lettuce Wraps.

  3. I am SO pleased you visited our blog – thank you for the likes – how awesome to find yours! I love the idea of using Indian spices, and cooking for babies. I’ve always tried to make my kids food a little tastier, often adding a bit of spice, as I want them to grow up liking all sorts of different foods and tastes, and hate the idea of them having to eat bland foods. And so interesting that a lot of the spices you use are classed as super foods!
    You have yourself a new follower, and superfan! 😉
    Off to buy your book now,

    • how wonderful! thank you for coming to visit. Do let me know what you think of the book. Would be great to hear your thoughts 🙂

      • Will do for sure! Have been away the past couple of weeks, and was unable to get it for my iPad unfortunately, so I’ll have to get straight on to that when Im back in the UK. Meanwhile posted your link on our FB page 😉

      • ZainabJagotAhmed #

        Hope you’re having a lovely trip!

        Just to let you know the book is available on iPad. In the UK – Waterstones, WHSmith, Kobo, iTunes or my publisher’s site Autharium.

        In the US, the iPad compatible version is available at Or you can download Kindle reader and buy it from Amazon.

        Oh wow! thank you so much for the support! 🙂

  4. What a great idea for a business! I love Indian food – it would be great for babies to get the taste when young. That said, my kids both love a curry – although I do notice a lot of milk being drunk if I’ve been a bit heavy handed with the spices! Thanks for visiting my blog – glad you enjoyed my little poo poem – a bit crazy that the first thing that inspires me to poetry since I was a teenager happens to be that subject!

    • ZainabJagotAhmed #

      lol I completely understand being a mother myself 😉

  5. Fantastic idea. looking forward to trying your recipes. im sure my kids will love them.

  6. Healthy Glow Nutrition #

    Hello Zainab,
    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award! Congratulations!
    Pick up your badge and information/rules on how to pass the torch at:
    Have an amazing day!

  7. After seeing your comment on my blog, I wanted to check out yours. My husband and I love Indian food, so I’m excited to see a whole blog dedicated to Indian baby food. Love it, and I can’t wait to try the recipes!

  8. Healthy Glow Nutrition #

    I have nominated you for the Family of Bloggers Award. Congrats!

    • Hi that amazing! thank you so much 😀 xx

      • Healthy Glow Nutrition #

        You’re most welcome! 🙂

  9. Great idea zainab! you have good space here!

  10. You have probably already heard this before, but what a brilliant idea and the blog is terrific. regards, James


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