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9 Time-Saving Kitchen Tips for Quick Weeknight Meals

So it’s back to school for some kids this week, and the start of a new school adventure for others, including my little one! Can’t believe it! Parents – a word of advice… make the most of your time with your baby and enjoy every moment – weaning, first steps, first words. It all passes by so quickly. My little one is starting school for the first time and whilst I’m excited for her, I can’t help but feel a smidge of sadness – my baby is not a baby anymore!

So if you’re getting prepared for the start of the school year and a new weekly routine (like I am), here are my quick-fire time-saving kitchen tips for quicker weeknight family meals.

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Spice Flavour Chart – Sweet and Savoury

With so many spices available to purchase in the supermarkets it can be tricky to know which spices are suitable for which types of meals. If you’re feeling experimental and want to create your own meals for baby and the rest of the family, you can create your very own spice blend using a combination of the flavour details I’ve listed below.

There are no rules about what you should and shouldn’t use spices with when it comes to cooking, so you needn’t be cooking a curry when you use them. Add one or two spices to your everyday meals to make them more exciting for the family. For example, add some ground coriander to casseroles, star anise to barbeques or add a little paprika to your bolognaise sauce. There are tons of combinations to try!

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Freezing Baby Food

In my previous post, combine homemade baby food into a busy working lifestyle, I mentioned the FREEZER IS YOUR FRIEND and can help all mums (working or not) keep on top of cooking, and feeding your little one a healthy balanced diet; whether they are in the early stages (6 months) of weaning or older. So I’ve compiled a few tips below that you might find useful when it comes to cooking and storing your baby food.
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Combine homemade baby food into a busy working lifestyle


WomanMultitasking (1)

With more mothers set to return to work after the government announced budget plans last week to help parents with the cost of childcare next year, what does this mean for home-cooked baby food?

I must say I was pleased to hear the news about the extra help with childcare costs. At the moment it’s something that puts financial pressure on a lot of families, including mine. However, with more parents set to be busy at work all week, I started to wonder if there will be enough hours left in the day for parents to cook homemade for their babies and toddlers!

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Four Ways to Thicken Your Curry Sauce

I remember when I first started cooking, my curry sauce was always surrounded by little puddles of water, and no amount of simmering combined with vigorous stirring would thicken the sauce. It felt like it was taking a lifetime to reduce and in the meantime my vegetables would overcook, or my chicken would dry out. So there was no other alternative… I would have to pour out some of the water into the sink before I served it up for dinner and hope no one would notice. Oops!

I do however love cooking and I refused to be beaten by ‘the watery curry sauce’.  So after numerous lessons from my mum, ‘the experienced one’, and through experimentation of my own; I learnt that adding one key ingredient can be the difference between serving up a rich, luscious curry sauce or having a river running through your curry.

So here are four different methods you can use to help answer the question I am most frequently asked… ‘How can I thicken my curry sauce?’

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