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Delish Garlic Mushrooms with Tuna Cous Cous

Garlic Mushrooms with Tuna Cous CousI’m always looking for tasty, quick kids meals for my little one. As you know I weaned my little one on flavoursome, tasty food and I want to ‘keep up the good work’ so to speak. I don’t want to fall into the trap of always giving her her favourite foods – because her favourite foods could very quickly turn into the ONLY foods she eats. I want Aaliyah to always be willing to try something new when it’s put in front of her…. which brings me onto MUSHROOMS.

My little one loves vegetables but mushrooms just aren’t on her favourites list – possibly the texture she’s not too sure about. Not prepared to draw a line under mushrooms just yet though, I decided to put them in anyway disguised amongst some of her favourite foods – tuna, cous cous, and bell peppers. When I mentioned mushrooms would be going in, she did pull a face – but I put them in anyway. Fully aware that children’s taste buds are continually changing, I want Aaliyah to give them a good go before she finally decides she doesn’t like mushrooms.

I’m a firm believer that any vegetable or meat can taste nice, provided it’s in the right recipe – prepared using complimentary herbs and spices. Garlic mushrooms are an absolute favourite of mine, so I stir-fried the mushrooms with garlic to give them a lovely taste, and sliced them a little thinner than I normally do to tackle the texture issue.

The result…. she wolfed down a whole bowlful and ‘mushrooms’ weren’t even mentioned!

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Spiced Santa Pudding Pies

Yorkshire Pudding Pies_labelledThis is a great little recipe to help you get into the Christmas spirit and it doesn’t take up too much of your time either! With a hint of Indian spices running through the pie, it simply adds a new taste to a very simple meal.  Your little one will love it! As did mine – you can see a pic of her destroying it at the bottom of this post, complete with eyes closed! This recipe is also great for whipping up quickly if your little one has some friends over.

This meal is protein-rich so is excellent for growing children. In fact I happened to see this floating around on twitter and thought I’d include it in my post to help prove my point – thank you Kelloggs!

Protein Kellogs Message

A very easy meal that should take no more than 15-20 minutes to prepare. Slightly more if you are cooking with either beef or lamb mince.

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Mummy Pizza with Creepy Coriander Eyes

With Halloween fast approaching the kids will be looking for SPOOKY snacks. Spooky snacks don’t necessarily need to be unhealthy. They can be SCARILY healthy instead. Although Halloween isn’t something we celebrate in our house, it is an excuse for me to get creative and try out new foods and practice my food presentation skills.

So, I’ve created some quick and simple to cook Mummy Pizzas with CREEPY coriander eyes. These are so much fun to make – especially with the kids. The pizzas don’t need to be neat either, in fact, the rougher the better to create the bandage look on the Mummy’s face. Give these a try this Halloween – the muffin makes a beautifully soft ‘pizza’ base and they really are DELICIOUS (and cute)!

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Mini Masala Omelettes (V)


mini masala omelette_hi res

A delicious kid’s snack that quickly curbs hunger pangs and takes less than 10 minutes to prepare, so it’s great as an after school snack or quick meal during the Easter holidays.

The omelettes are protein-rich – excellent for children’s growth and development, and the delicious aroma from the garam masala combined with the cute, teeny weeny size, makes this extremely appealing to kids.

Aaliyah (now three years old) LOVES these omelettes, so I like to serve them in as many different ways as possible. Her favourite is her masala omelettes served with a side of warmed low salt and low sugar baked beans (also superfoods). She likes to dip them in the bean juice, take a bite and thank me for cooking it for her after every mouthful. It’s lovely to hear her say that seeing as she has no qualms about telling me if she thinks something is ‘disgusting’!

Here are a few other ways you can serve these masala omelettes:

  1. Omelette Toasty – served between two slices of toast
  2. Omelette Roti Roll – served Asian style rolled in a chapatti
  3. A ‘Garden’ Omelette – served with fresh vegetables or salad

Although Aaliyah is three years old now, I was also cooking these omelettes for her when she was just one years old but without the accompaniments. So feel free to serve this up for your little ones too.

SuperFoods included – onion, tomatoes, olive oil
SuperSpices included – black pepper, garam masala, cumin

Total cooking and preparation time: 8mins
Serves 1

1 egg
¼ small onion – peeled, finely chopped
2 baby plum tomatoes (or ¼ regular tomato) – washed, chopped
Pinch of ground black pepper
Pinch of ground garam masala
Pinch of ground cumin
3-4 fresh coriander leaves – washed, finely chopped
Salt (optional)
1 tsp olive oil


Crack the egg into a bowl, and add the onion, tomatoes, black pepper, garam masala, cumin, coriander leaves and salt (if adding for older kids), and whisk the whole lot together.

Heat the oil in a small non-stick frying pan and add half of the egg mixture. Cook on med-low heat for 2 minutes and when top is no longer runny, turn it over and cook on the other side for 1 minute. Remove from the heat and repeat for the second omelette.

Tip: If you don’t have a small frying pan to make mini omelettes, make one large one instead.

For adults make 2-3 eggs and double up the ingredients.


Tomato Salsa Toasty | For Kids – Part 1

I love toasties… they are probably the simplest and quickest snacks you can rustle up at home. I remember how this humble snack was a godsend for me when Aaliyah was just a few weeks old. I was awake every 2 hours at night so was like the walking dead throughout the day. In between Aaliyah’s teeny weeny naps I’d rustle up my favourite Mozzarella and Jalapeno sauce toasty. It was by no means the fanciest meal I’ve ever cooked, but was quick, tasty and definitely hit the spot.

Now Aaliyah is older, my focus has changed from finding speedy snacks for myself to speedy, healthy snacks for her because things can turn pretty ugly when her hunger pangs kick in. Tears, tantrums and awkward behaviour…wonderful!

So as I love toasties so much I’ve decided to split this post into two parts. Part 1 is my little Princess’s favourite toasty – a savoury Tomato Salsa Toasty. Perfect for lunch and to help satisfy her hungry little belly. Part 2 will be my favourite toasty; a special treat for us hard working mums.

Anyway back to my Tomato Salsa Toasty. This toasty has a hint of Indian flavours that come though from the garlic and coriander. It’s a wonderful mix of carbs, dairy and fruit so is a really nice well-balanced meal or snack for your kids.

tomato salsa toasty

SuperFoods included – tomato, olive oil, garlic.
SuperSpices included – black pepper

Total preparation and cooking time: 8-10mins
Makes 1 serving

For Tomato Salsa:
1 tomato – washed, diced
Drizzle of olive oil
¼ tsp minced garlic
A few coriander leaves – washed, chopped
Cracked black pepper (to taste)

For Toasty:
Softened butter or margarine
2 x slices of bread (white or brown)
1 slice Mozzarella cheese – ready sliced

Tomato Salsa:
Place the tomato, olive oil, garlic, coriander and black pepper in a bowl, stir and set aside.

Heat a frying pan on medium heat, butter one side of bread and place it buttered side down on the frying pan, this will give the toast a lovely golden colour on the outside when cooked.

Place the cheese slice on the bread (in the frying pan) and spoon over a generous amount of the tomato salsa.

Butter another slice of bread and place it on top of the tomato salsa with the buttered side facing up and apply a little pressure to the top using a spatula.

After 2mins flip the toasty over and cook on the other side. After 2mins remove from the frying pan and serve with fresh salad or coleslaw (for older kids). Repeat the method to make more servings.

Tip: add Balsamic vinegar to the tomato salsa to make this into a ‘Bruschetta Toasty’.

5 Minute Teriyaki Salmon


teriyaki salmon

This recipe is by no means ‘conventional’ and many chefs would be hanging their heads in shame to the way in which this recipe is prepared (… in the microwave!!) But if I am completely honest… I don’t care! I am a mum with very little time on my hands. I don’t have the time to be worrying about ‘proper’ cooking techniques. All of my meals are cooked in a way that will ideally save time, and retain 100% of the nutrients so I will alter my cooking techniques accordingly if I need to.

SuperFoods included – salmon, lime
SuperSpices included – paprika

This ‘no fail’ recipe has loads of benefits…

  • Saves mummy’s valuable time – only takes 5 minutes to prepare and cook! Perfect as an after school snack or as a quick dinner if you are running late after work and want to ensure your kids are still eating healthy meals.
  • Bursting with nutrients – the paprika (hint of Indian in this meal) is great for digestion and the salmon is an oily fish which is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids; essential for brain function, growth and development. It is also rich is vitamin D
  • Convenient – keep frozen salmon fillets in the freezer and pull out when necessary

Total preparation and cooking time – 5mins
Makes 1 serving

A drizzle of olive oil
1 x 100g salmon fillet – boneless, skinless and frozen
¼ tsp lime juice – freshly squeezed (no seeds)
¼ tsp dark soy sauce
¼ tsp dark brown sugar – soft
Pinch or ¼ tsp of ground paprika
Coriander/ cilantro for garnish (optional)

Place the frozen salmon in a microwavable dish and drizzle with olive oil. Then pour the soy sauce, and lime juice over the fillet followed by a sprinkling of the brown sugar and paprika. Rub the ingredients into the fillet.

(Note: If you don’t have dark brown sugar, use clear runny honey as an alternative).

Cover the dish with a lid (leaving a small vent) or cling film (piercing a few holes) and cook on high in the microwave for 3-3 ½ mins until the fish is flaky.

Remove from the container when cooked, serve with noodles and garnish with coriander.

Tip: you may notice some dark brown or black crusting around the edges of the fillet when cooked. Don’t remove this as it is actually caramelised brown sugar which gives the salmon a lovely hint of sweetness.