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November 2013

27th November: Families London North Online | Festive Recipes for Babies

13th November: | Banana and Blueberry Raita Dessert (V) Stage 2: 7 months plus

13th November: | Salmon Risotto, Parsnips and Broccoli – Stage 3: 10 months plus recipe

13th November: | Sweet Potato, Apple and Dhal Curry (V) Stage 2: 7 months plus recipe

12th November: | Spiced Potato Pie (v) Stage 2: 7 months plus recipe

October 2013

29th October: Families London North Online | Diwali recipes

2nd October: | Hidden health benefits of the humble curry

September 2013

27th September: Leicester Mercury Extra (print) | Have the hots for curry

24th September: Yorkshire Evening | Health: Have the hots for hidden health benefits of curry

24th September: Dudley | Have the hots for curry

21st September: | Have the hots for curry

August 2013

19th August: Masalamommas (Canada) | Quick Super Indian Meals for Young Kids: A Cookbook

June 2013

25th June: Mummy Pages | Book Review

25th June: Mummy Pages | Quick Cumin Spaghetti Recipe

25th June: Mummy Pages | Fish Pie with Pepper and Coriander Recipe

3rd June: Nursery World Online | On the Menu – Chunky Spaghetti Bolognaise with Apricots

3rd June: Nursery World Magazine (Printed Edition) | A Unique Child: Nutrition – A Guide to Salt

April 2013

April 2013: Libas International Magazine | March Issue (Vol26/1)

March 2013

20th March: Mummy & Me Mag | March 2013 – Mummy & Me Loves…

February 2013

26th February: Baby & Me Exclusive Magazine | March 2013 – Spice It Up

January 2013

13th January: Green Child Magazine (USA) | Winter Issue 2013 – Look, Listen & Read

December 2012

14th December: Chelsea Mamma | Online Review & Giveaway

14th December: Mummy Rates It | 5 minutes: 5 stories – glitter and sprinkles

10th December: Mellow Mummy | Giveaway

3rd December: Families | Online Review and Giveaway

November 2012

16th November: Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine | December Issue 2012

12th November: Families London North Magazine | Recipe Feature (Nov-Dec 2012)

4th November: MID DAY Newspaper (Mumbai, India) | Online and In-print Recipe Feature

October 2012

22nd October: Families London North | Online Review and Giveaway

From 2nd October: The Baba Blog | Guest Blogging Recipes

September 2012

29th September: Leicester Mercury | Interview and Recipe Feature

19th September: Mood Food Magazine Online | Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook

17th September: Tandoori Magazine Online and In-print | First curry cookbook for babies and toddler

12th September: Awaaz News Online and In-print | Recipe Feature

August 2012

31st August: BBC Asian Network | Live Radio Interview with Nihal

21st August: Asian Image | Book Review

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