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Mummy Blogger Reviews | Indian SuperMeals

All mummy bloggers are members of  various parent bloggers networks including:

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They all specialise in thoroughly testing baby & toddler related products and then writing honest reviews for them. All views are their own.

JUNE 2013

25th June: Mummy Pages | Book Review

Review Highlights:

“This Indian cookbook aimed at babies and toddlers is like no other on the market, it is unique in it’s advice and detail of each of it’s beautiful recipes and is sure to liven up your meal-times.”

“We hope you enjoy the recipes as much as we have!”


3rd June: Monster Mummies | Book Review

Review Highlights:

“I found the tables which detailed the Superfoods and spices very informative and it made me think about how I put certain foods together to benefit Toby.”

“this book is an all round book it isn’t just a cookbook it is here to give parents as much information as possible, it covers the majority of questions you may have during the weaning process.”

“The recipe is very easy to follow and there are tips and reminders of what you can and can’t include in the childs dish,”

“My eldest Charlie is a fussy eater so to be honest I didn’t expect him to even attempt to try it however I was wrong he dipped his naan bread in the sauce and tried a kofta”

“This book is going to be one that I feel will be used on a regular basis the balance of recipes and advise is perfect and it one I will recommend to my mummy friends there is no longer any reason to worry about serving bland food when starting the weaning process.”


MARCH 2013

14th March: Crazy with Twins | Book Review

Review Highlights:

“This [book] has provoked a new found obsession with adding spices to meals. I had no idea they were good for you!”

“The twins LOVED all of the recipes I tried from this book. In fact they loved them so much that it marked the beginning of them actually opening their mouths for food, rather than me having to wiggle the spoon between their lips!”

“I really thought the content of this book was fascinating. I learnt a lot from it and am now much more experimental with food.”


28th February: Family Four Fun | Book Review

Review Highlights:

[the big and small kofta curry] was better than anything we’ve ever had in a jar before in fact it was incomparable.”

“we will definitely be using the book to try more meals and as an incredible reference for super foods and spices.”

27th February: At Home with Mrs M | Book Review

Review Highlights:

 “I like the recipe ideas and will be trying out a few of them on my own children.”

“there’s a few of these recipes that I could try to broaden their horizons a bit more.”

“There’s lots of choice and a good variety of meat, fish and vegetable dishes.”


30th January: But Why Mummy Why | Book Review

Review Highlights:

“[the book] is packed with nutritional information and top tips to make your baby or toddler’s food not only more full of flavour but also with ways to boost baby’s immune system.”

“I found the recipes that we tried simple and easy to follow, so perfect for midweek post school run, post-swimming lesson, etc!”

“I can honestly say that I wish this book had been around when I was weaning both of my girls.”

13th January: Mummy Mishaps | Book Review

Review Highlights:

“[the book] lists lots of useful and informative nutritional advice about the use of spices and how to introduce them gradually into your children’s diet”

“my toughest critics are my boys …….what would they make of something new and a meal which contains white meat and served with rice!!!!!???”

“[the chicken karahi] was a HIT!!!!! I could not believe my eyes to be honest

4th January: My Mills Baby | Book Review

Review Highlights:

“The weaning advice in the book is excellent.”

“The information on SuperSpices was fabulous and innovative.”

“Dexter tried the Sweet Potato, Apple and Dhal Curry as he can’t get enough apple, and absolutely loved it”

“it’s hugely helpful to have such a great virtual cooking companion to reassure you that baby will be fine. Thanks Zainab.”


15th November: Mellow Mummy | Book Review

Review Highlights:

“to me it [the book]  is totally perfect, nothing too outlandish in terms of Indian cookery but just lots of healthy and exciting recipes”

“it reminded me a lot of Annabel Karmel’s Baby and Toddler cookbook in terms of its thorough, no-nonsense approach to weaning”

“I loved the balance of savoury and sweet foods”

“this Indian weaning recipes book makes a perfect addition to my ideas for nutritious, healthy and exciting baby foods”


18th October: The Mummy Blogger | Book Review

Review Highlights:

quite frankly compared to other main brand baby meals that call themselves a ‘curry’, Zainab’s Indian SuperMeals are in a league of their own.

The overall concept of Zainab’s eBook concentrates on a simple, but clearly brilliant formula: Regular Foods + SuperFoods +SuperSpices = Super Meals

As one of the newer baby & toddler cook books on the scene, I would highly recommend to any parent getting Zainab’s Indian SuperMeals for your kids.”

17th October: My Little Pudding | Book Review

Review Highlights:

There is a NEW baby & toddler cook book on the scene!

“….not just a recipe book, but an education into nutrition.”

The book is perfect for all parents wanting to ditch bland baby foods for tasty exciting meals that are still wholesome and healthy.

17th October: ChelseaMamma | Book Review

Review Highlights:

The book itself is bright and colourful and well thought out.  The recipes are easy to follow and all look delicious enough for adults.

I was very excited to find a recipe for Mint Yoghurt Raita, as it is a favourite in this house

“.…recipes the whole family can eat and the older ones have already picked out which recipes they want to try!”

15th October: MakeShiftMummy | Book Review

Review Highlights:

“There is a wealth of information on the first few pages….. I found this part to be quite interesting, and actually rather helpful.  I felt like I was learning without learning – if that makes sense?”

“What’s good about the recipes is that you can adjust them for the age appropriate stages….”

9th October: Ramblings of a Sussex Mummy | Book Review

Review Highlights:

“I read a couple of weaning books before we started the process with Little Man – probably the same ones most parents read! – but got much more insight and relevant information from Zainab’s book.”

“…no intense spicy flavours in any of Zainab’s recipes, just different flavours to ones you’ll find in the usual cookbooks”

“Whether you are of Asian decent or not, and whether you’ve already started the weaning process with your little one or been through it before with older children, I highly recommend this book.”


24th September: Mummy Rated | Book Review

Review Highlights:

There are many many great baby and toddler cookbooks on the market, but this seemed to offer something a bit different.

“As I first skimmed through the eBook, I never expected such a range of fantastic new recipes and twists on the traditional…“

“There is masses of really useful information in the Indian Super Meals eBook…”

“.…the results are scrummy and clean plates at the end of meal time = success!!”


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