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Mummy Rated | Book Review

September 24, 2012

I’ve been biting my finger nails waiting for this review of Indian SuperMeals to come out. It’s by REAL MUMMY Sam who has a great blog called Mummy Rated.  She specialises in thoroughly testing Baby & Toddler products and then writing honest reviews for them. She is also a member of the Tots 100 UK Parent Blogs network.

So I was delighted when I read her brilliant review! Here are some highlights:

There are many many great baby and toddler cookbooks on the market, but this seemed to offer something a bit different.

As I first skimmed through the eBook, I never expected such a range of fantastic new recipes and twists on the traditional. It feels like you really could be skimming through a recipe book for yourself…

There is masses of really useful information in the Indian Super Meals eBook….

“.…the results are scrummy and clean plates at the end of meal time = success!!

Click here to read the full review:

Indian Super Meals – Baby & Toddler Cookbook | Mummy Rated – Baby and Toddler Product Reviews.

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