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New Weaning Cookbook – Pre-order today!

I’m very excited to say my new revised and updated edition of Easy Indian Super Meals for Babies, Toddlers and the Family (Ebury press) is now available for pre-order from Amazon UK (released 7th July 2016). This edition includes:

  • Updated UK Department of Health guidelines
  • Updated weaning advice
  • Updated nutritional information
  • NEW one week meal plan – transition your baby safely over from stage 1 weaning, to weaning with baby-friendly spices and new flavours.

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Which aromatic spices are safe to introduce into baby’s diet?

Spices on spoons_crop_label
So you’ve mastered the basics and your baby is now accustomed to straightforward fruit and vegetable purees. Now this is where the fun begins! Adding different flavours into your little one’s meals and waiting in anticipation to see the look of pleasure on her face. With my little one, the pleasure on her face wasn’t so much about a smile, it was in her eyes; they would light up when she was enjoying her meal and she’d lean forward with mouth wide open for more. Equally she would spit out the food if she didn’t like it! The brutal honesty of children – you’ve got to love it!

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Weaning – When is your baby ready for aromatic spices?

puree to spice_labelIf your little one is happily slurping up her purees and has clearly mastered basic tastes and flavours – fruit and vegetable purees, then it’s time to move on. Again, do this swiftly as you want your little one to experience new tastes and flavours to broaden her palate.

Introduce solids to your baby from 6 months of age (the recommended age), then your baby should be ready for aromatic spices from 7-8 months of age (if you allow a month to master basic purees and tastes). By this age your baby’s palate will be accustomed to basic tastes – fruit and vegetables and his/ her digestive system will be further developed.