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Takeaway Style Chicken Tikka Kebab

I love cooking! But as a mum even I tend to have the odd evening when I simply can’t bring myself to go into the kitchen. The day has been so hectic that even cooking a simple 30 minute meal feels like a mammoth task! I AM EXHAUSTED!

On days like this, I like to keep cooking even more ‘simple, than simple’ (if that makes sense)?! So instead of heading for JustEat, I pop into the kitchen for a few minutes (I can manage that!), and cook my own ‘take-away’ from scratch. There really is nothing to it.

So, why is this meal so easy? Here are the no-hassle components:

  • Garlic and Coriander naan bread – store-bought
  • Bagged/ pre-washed sweet crunchy salad – fresh, cut and ready to eat
  • Mint yogurt sauce – takes 2 minutes to throw together

Takeaway Style Chicken Tikka Kebab

It looks like a takeaway….

It tastes better than a takeaway….

AND it’s homemade!!

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Carrot and Cumin Pancakes (V) – Part 2

Carrot and Cumin Pancakes
In part one I showed you how to make Sweet Zesty Carrot Pancakes by adding naturally sweet ingredients and spices to a very simple everyday pancake recipe, your little one will simply adore! In part 2 I’m cooking savoury Carrot and Cumin Pancakes. As mentioned it’s really important to allow your baby to experience lots of different tastes and flavours (sweet and savoury) during the weaning process so you should definitely give this one a go too!

These savoury pancakes have more of an Asian influence using aromatic spices cumin and coriander. In fact, you can even cook this pancake using gram flour (besan flour) instead of plain flour. Gram flour is made from chickpeas and is the main flour used for pakora batter. It is however a little heavy, and I personally think it may be a little too heavy for a 7-8 month old. So, I’d recommend cooking gram flour pancakes as a quick after school kids snack for older children.

This plain flour savoury pancake batter is light and perfect for tiny little mouths – whether they have tiny teeth or not.

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Sweet Zesty Carrot Pancakes

Sweet Zesty Carrot Pancake Pancakes are a great finger food for babies who are just starting to explore self-feeding so are not uncommon amongst weaning recipes. And why would they be? For babies, they are easy to pick up allowing them to practice their pincer grip and melt-in-the-mouth; and for mums are quick and simple to throw together. What could be better for both mummy and baby? As you know, pancakes can be both sweet and savoury (although I’m not entirely sure why people eat savoury pancakes…boggles the mind!). Anyway, for baby, you can do exactly the same – offer both sweet and savoury pancakes to expose baby to different tastes and flavours. So this post is broken into two parts where I’ll show you how to make both sweet and savoury carrot pancakes, with a difference to the everyday pancake recipe. Read more

Baked Potato Thins (V)


Baked Potato Thins

In my previous finger food post – Simple Banana Sticks with a Touch of Cinnamon, I mentioned how I was keen to keep my little ones finger foods interesting as I was already cooking with aromatic spices in her main meals. So adding a touch of flavour would simply enhance the taste of basic fruit and vegetables she had already become accustomed to.

So here is another very simple, yet extremely tasty finger food for babies aged 7-8 months and up. Having thrown quite a few of them in my mouth myself (don’t worry – it wasn’t when my child was hungry!), they really are a smooth, buttery delight. And the hint of parsley adds a very simple additional layer of flavour. This is great for helping to broaden little palates as serving the potato thins without the parsley, will offer your little one a very different taste.

White potatoes are high in starch content so if you do serve this to your little one, just be sure to offer some other vegetables alongside the potato. These could be steamed, squished peas or steamed carrot sticks.

Total preparation and cooking time: 35mins
Makes 2-3 servings
Suitable for freezing

½ small white potato – washed and scrubbed, peeled, cut into 1cm slices
Drizzle of olive oil
Sprinkle of dried parsley


Pre-heat the oven to 160C/ 325F/ gas mark 3.

Add the olive oil and parsley into a bowl and stir. Then drop in the potato slices and combine well.

Place the potato slices in a single layer on top of a foil-covered baking tray and cook for 30mins or until tender (turning over halfway). Serve to baby warm or at room temperature.

Tip one: any leftover potato thins can be mashed or pureed with the remaining vegetables and served as a new meal. This ‘new meal’ can also be frozen.

Tip two: if you prefer, you can cut the potato into stick shapes rather than slices if you feel your little one will be more comfortable holding this shape, as an alternative.




Simple Banana Sticks with a Touch of Cinnamon (V)


Banana Sticks with Cinnamon

When Aaliyah started showing an interest in picking up food and trying to feed herself, I decided that the finger foods I was going to offer her were going to taste interesting, as I was already incorporating aromatic spices within her meals.

The recipes didn’t have to be complicated…. in fact, the simpler the better as I didn’t want to overwhelm her little taste buds. I just wanted to enhance the taste of basic fruit and vegetables she had already become accustomed to eating; helping her adapt to new flavours. So as banana is already a ripe, squishy fruit and was one of Aaliyah’s favourite fruits (in fact, it still is), I decided to pair this fruit with the deliciously sweet, aromatic spice cinnamon.

Cinnamon not only adds an extra layer of scrumptiousness to the banana, it is loaded with health benefits for baby. Great for aiding digestion and strengthening the immune system to help keep cold and flu viruses at bay. The banana too is potassium-rich – vital for heart function and for keeping internal organs in excellent working condition. So this is an incredibly nutritious finger food for babies.

Just be sure you have already introduced aromatic spices into your little one’s diet using the ‘four day rule’ as you would have done when you first introduced fruit and vegetables into her diet. As mentioned, Aaliyah was already accustomed to hints of aromatic spices within her stage 2 meals so was completely fine when I offered this finger food to her.

One thing to be aware of though….


Adding a slight complication when your little one tries to pick up the banana with her cute, podgy little fingers. There were numerous occasions when the banana simply slipped out from between Aaliyah’s fingers. So I tried cutting the banana into different shapes to see if some shapes were easier to pick up than others. I tried sliced banana and cubed banana, but the shape that worked best for my little one was a stick shape, as there was more of the smooth outer flesh for her to hold onto.

Give different shapes a try though as all babies are different so what didn’t work for my little one might work for your little one instead. However, if all fails, just hand your little one a spoon and let her pick up the banana pieces with that instead.

Total preparation and cooking time – 2 mins
Makes 1 serving

½ banana – cut into 2” sticks (or chunks)
Tiny sprinkle of ground cinnamon

Cut the banana into four sticks by cutting the banana in half lengthways and then in half lengthways again.

Lay the banana sticks on a plate and lightly sprinkle over some cinnamon with your fingers. Serve to baby on a colourful plastic plate and let the mess fun begin!