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Beetroot and Broccoli Mash – Stage 2

beetroot-and-broccoli-mashSo I’m at count down now with book launch number 2 – 10 days to go! Whilst every time I think about the launch, my heart is literally pounding out of my chest [I’m that scared!], I am also very excited and proud at the same time. It really is a fab book, and I’m really excited to hear all your thoughts about it. Please feel free to leave me comments below.

So onto my recipe! This is a delicious, mildly sweet yet earthy tasting two-veg mash taken from my cookbook – The Flavour-led Weaning Cookbook. Perfect for tickling a baby’s sweet and savoury taste buds. Beetroot may encourage the production of disease-fighting white blood cells and contains folic acid and iron. Broccoli is also rich in vitamin C while turmeric is known as an anti-inflammatory spice. With all these immune-boosting ingredients, this yummy mash may help to keep colds and flu at bay. Suitable for babies from 7 months.

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Boosting Your Child’s Immunity

Cold and Flu RemedyOkay, so it’s been a couple of weeks since I blogged about my LO’s cold and flu symptoms. As suspected her chesty cough is now almost gone, but the bug seems to be working it’s way through every member of the family painfully slowly, and I’m now the one with the bug!

Although my LO’s chesty cough seems to have subsided, she was still a little under the weather so I decided to take her to the docs last Friday for peace of mind, as she’s been ill on and off for quite some time now.

As suspected, the doc told me not to worry and to “come back in a few weeks” if her symptoms seemed to worsen. Apparently children are susceptible to one virus a month at this age (Aaliyah is almost 4 now) – according to my doc. So as usual I left the docs without medication, a response I knew I would get, but peace of mind that she was alright. So the trip to the doc wasn’t entirely pointless.

Over the past few weeks though, I’ve been giving Aaliyah an age old cold and flu family remedy which has seen me through many an illness and I swear by it! So if your LO is feeling under the weather and you know you’ll get the same response as I did from the docs, try my family’s cold and flu remedy to help soothe symptoms and boost your LO’s immunity naturally.

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Spices in Baby Food: The Benefits

Using spices in baby food seems to be a relatively new subject at the moment, and most people are reluctant to introduce spices into their little one’s diet due to the lack of ‘official’ advice available through health care services.

Don’t let this deter you however. If spices are not included within the ‘official’ advice, this does not imply you cannot use them within baby food. It is important to remember that these are only recommendations and guidelines. There are no solid procedures you must follow as a parent. So go ahead and throw out the rulebook!

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