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Vegetarian Chilli Con Carne (V)

Veggie Chilli Con CarneThis recipe went down a treat with everyone and fit in rather nicely with my vegetarian evenings. A delicious meat-free chilli con carne with a little beanie twist. I substituted the kidney beans for butter beans. There wasn’t any particular science behind the substitution. It was partly because the hubby isn’t too keen on kidney beans, and the other part – I didn’t have any kidney beans in my food cupboard!

I have to say the butter beans were a great call! They worked really well in this chilli. Butter beans themselves are rich and creamy and add a lovely taste – a taste different to kidney beans. Whilst I love a conventional chilli con carne, I would definitely recommend cooking this version as an alternative.

Only taking around 30 minutes to prepare, I decided to cook this family meal up early afternoon and serve it to my little one as an after school snack. Both after school snack and family meal cooked in one go! Aaliyah loved it so much she had no issues eating some more for dinner.

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Spring Coriander Chicken Drumsticks

Spring Coriander Chicken Drumsticks

With Spring well and truly on it’s way, it’s time to start dusting off your barbecues and get these drumsticks on them! This is a perfect recipe for spring. The tasty marinade works particularly well for the whole family. It’s light and beautifully green so it really reminds me of everything to do with spring – lawn growing, fresh flowers and green leaves. Serve with a side salad for a light, healthy meal or chips if you want slightly heavier.

This recipe suits everyone from a toddler (1 year and up) through to parents. It’s tasty, quick and saves you the hassle of cooking separate meals so everyone can enjoy the same meal. With the Easter holidays still underway this is a fab holiday recipe.

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Pear, Mint and Coriander Chutney (v)

Pear Mint Coriander ChutneySo how many of you are using baby-led weaning for your little one’s weaning journey? Thinking about it, I don’t know know many mums who haven’t used baby-led weaning at some point during their weaning journey with baby. Whether they incorporated baby-led weaning into a daily routine with the traditional purees (spoon-feeding), or solely used the baby-led weaning technique – it’s a great way to get babies interested in their food.

I chose to to use both methods  – traditional purees and finger foods for my little one’s daily weaning routine; it worked really well for us. The spoon-feeding was great as I had peace of mind that Aaliyah was eating her meals. The finger foods were great for experimentation – practising her pincer grip and trying different textures.

I did however notice baby-led weaning recipes didn’t leave much room for taste! Bland, steamed vegetables were great for playing around with, but not so great in the taste department. So to add some much-needed flavour to those poor, bland little cubes of veg, I’ve got a fab no-chilli chutney recipe for you to try.

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Yumbox Lunchbox Review


When I was asked to review the yumbox lunchbox I jumped at the chance. Aaliyah will be going to school in September so it couldn’t have come at a better time. And after reading more about it, I was very interested in the features the yumbox lunch box had to offer…

It comes in a range of fab, bright colours – a great feature for kids. I asked for the pink one as my little one is obsessed with anything pink. But for us mums, there are some other features that are even better!

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Delish Garlic Mushrooms with Tuna Cous Cous

Garlic Mushrooms with Tuna Cous CousI’m always looking for tasty, quick kids meals for my little one. As you know I weaned my little one on flavoursome, tasty food and I want to ‘keep up the good work’ so to speak. I don’t want to fall into the trap of always giving her her favourite foods – because her favourite foods could very quickly turn into the ONLY foods she eats. I want Aaliyah to always be willing to try something new when it’s put in front of her…. which brings me onto MUSHROOMS.

My little one loves vegetables but mushrooms just aren’t on her favourites list – possibly the texture she’s not too sure about. Not prepared to draw a line under mushrooms just yet though, I decided to put them in anyway disguised amongst some of her favourite foods – tuna, cous cous, and bell peppers. When I mentioned mushrooms would be going in, she did pull a face – but I put them in anyway. Fully aware that children’s taste buds are continually changing, I want Aaliyah to give them a good go before she finally decides she doesn’t like mushrooms.

I’m a firm believer that any vegetable or meat can taste nice, provided it’s in the right recipe – prepared using complimentary herbs and spices. Garlic mushrooms are an absolute favourite of mine, so I stir-fried the mushrooms with garlic to give them a lovely taste, and sliced them a little thinner than I normally do to tackle the texture issue.

The result…. she wolfed down a whole bowlful and ‘mushrooms’ weren’t even mentioned!

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Prima Baby Magazine Gets Spicy!

I’ve been a big fan of Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine ever since I was pregnant with my little one. I found the practical information on parenting really useful, the topics were interesting, and I even got my fix of mummy celebs too! So as you can imagine I was over the moon when I was asked by Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine to collaborate with them on a spice feature in their March issue – out today!

I’m really pleased Prima Baby decided to touch on weaning with aromatic spices for baby, as there really isn’t a lot of information available for parents who may want to introduce spices safely into their baby’s diet. It’s definitely an area of growing interest amongst parents and flavoursome recipes for weaning babies is (as far as I’m concerned), simply a no-brainer!

To read the full ‘Spice up your life’ article, click on the image below.

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Hardcover front coverYou can find more detailed information about safely weaning with aromatic spices (along with yummy recipes) in Easy Indian SuperMeals for Babies, Toddlers and the Family. Available to buy now from Amazon, Waterstones or my online shop for signed copies.

Shortlisted for the Prima Baby Awards 2015 – Winners announced in March




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