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Pancake Day – 9th Feb (Shrove Tuesday)

Anyone for pancakes?

I look forward to pancake day every year simply because it’s my excuse to binge on these beautiful, soft, fluffy treats. I’ve always been a plain lemon and sugar kinda girl (since the 80’s) – remember this ad??

But recently I’ve been impartial to a little warm nutella, banana and strawberry topping too – yum!

Babies love pancakes like the rest of us. Soft, melt-in-mouth and easy to pick up. So your little one can enjoy pancake day too. Try my yummy ‘Sweet Zesty Carrot Pancakes’. Very simple to prepare, healthy and yummy for baby – using sweet cinnamon and tangy orange for a twist on a classic.

For older kids serve these pancakes with slices of fresh banana, blueberries and a drizzle of maple syrup (or nutella). Simply click the image for the recipe.

What yummy pancake topping combinations will you try?

Sweet Zesty Carrot Pancake_click image


Coconut Chicken Curry for Babies

Coconut Chicken Curry for Babies
This is an exceptionally yummy meal babies and toddlers will both love! In fact this was my little ones favourite curry and she still requests it for dinner. So these days I cook this curry up as a family meal but simply increase the levels of spice and amount of chicken and veg to keep everyone happy.

This meal is great for older babies – around 10 months of age and is perfectly nutritionally balanced. So not only is the taste fab, it’s a mean curry with immune strengthening ingredients. Here’s the breakdown:

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Roasted Vegetable Lasagne With Herby White Sauce

Roasted Veggie Lasagne
Yum! I love this lasagne. It is by far the best vegetable lasagne I have made. The vegetables are roasted so there is no watery sauce floating around at the bottom of the dish. It’s also a great way to get some hidden vegetables into your little ones meals.

Admittedly there is a little more faffing involved with this recipe compared to my usual no-fuss recipes (I used about three different pots), so I’d recommend this recipe for a weekend in particular for a hearty Sunday evening meal. It’s totally worth the extra washing it creates. Your family will love it! And worst case, after all that hard work, get your hubby and kids to help out with the washing.
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Is My Baby Ready For Weaning?

baby eating

If your baby is approaching four or five months, you may be thinking of weaning her onto solid food. If you’re unsure whether your baby is ready, there are a few signs to look out for which will make it a little easier to decide.

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Big Family Breakfast Omelette (V)

Big Family Breakfast Omelette
As I was growing up it was always a tradition in my home to have a nice big family breakfast on a weekend – Saturday or Sunday morning (sometimes both). I remember as a child I’d always look forward to our weekend breakfasts. It was much nicer than simply have cereal in the mornings (which was nice), but associated with quick school morning breakfasts. Now my little one has started school for the very first time (just last week), I’m keen to carry on this family tradition with my own family. So the big weekend breakfast mornings have begun.

I rustled this omelette up very quickly on Sunday morning and it went down a treat with everyone. Protein-rich, full of yummy fresh vegetables and a little spice for extra flavour. This omelette is great for the whole family including babies and toddlers, particularly for baby-led weaning. It’s healthy and the best part – it’s a one-pot (or one-pan in this case) family meal which means less pots to wash (hassle-free)!  It also makes a fab healthy breakfast for those searching for satisfying and tasty carb-free meals, so it ticks a lot of boxes! Here’s the recipe – enjoy!

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9 Time-Saving Kitchen Tips for Quick Weeknight Meals

So it’s back to school for some kids this week, and the start of a new school adventure for others, including my little one! Can’t believe it! Parents – a word of advice… make the most of your time with your baby and enjoy every moment – weaning, first steps, first words. It all passes by so quickly. My little one is starting school for the first time and whilst I’m excited for her, I can’t help but feel a smidge of sadness – my baby is not a baby anymore!

So if you’re getting prepared for the start of the school year and a new weekly routine (like I am), here are my quick-fire time-saving kitchen tips for quicker weeknight family meals.

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