Sambharo SuperFood Roti Wrap (V)

Sambharo Superfood Roti Wrap 1

Indian recipe for kids suitable from 2 years plus

I love Sambharo! It is essentially a warm Indian salad made using superfoods cabbage and carrots sautéed in a few spices and steamed until soft. And due to its uncomplicated nature is a quick accompaniment to any Indian meal.

I wanted my daughter to try this salad but decided that eating it with little pieces of roti might be a little too fiddly for her (and it may take her a lifetime to finish eating it), so I decided to transform it into a yummy handy roti wrap for kids, garnished with a couple of my finishing touches to give it a little extra va va voom. It’s perfect for lunch or as an after school snack

I must admit, I wasn’t sure whether this one would be a hit or not as I haven’t served cabbage to my little one before so I was interested to see what the outcome would be…

After I prepared the wrap I served it up to little princess. She picked it up, took a bite and as she was chewing, she turned to look at me very seriously and frowned [eyebrows scrunched inwards, lips turned down].

My initial thought… ‘oh dear, this one isn’t going down very well at all’. Then with her serious frowning chewing face she said ‘nummy’ and started nodding her head [no smiling!]. I was a little surprised because her facial expression did not match what she was saying (I thought she might have been sleepy or something).

Anyway after she ate the whole rap I decided that this was the first time I had discovered her ‘this is seriously yummy face’.

SuperFoods included – white cabbage, carrots, garlic SuperSpices included – mustard seeds, turmeric

This is a carb-rich snack or meal (courtesy of the roti) which is great for providing kids with energy needed to play. Also rich in beta-carotene (carrots) and packed with white antioxidant superfoods (garlic and cabbage) I would highly recommend including this simple, delicious snack regularly within a child’s diet.

Total cooking and preparation time: 10mins Serves 4 children.



  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 ½ tsp mustard seeds
  • 2 tsp minced garlic
  • Half of white cabbage – washed, finely chopped into slices
  • 4 medium carrots – washed, peeled, shredded (using a food processor)
  • 1 tsp ground turmeric

To serve:

  • 1 roti – already cooked or ready-made, warmed
  • Sambharo
  • Dollop of greek style yogurt (garnish)
  • Fresh coriander/ cilantro (garnish)


Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium-low heat. Add the mustard seeds and garlic and stir vigorously to avoid burning them. Once the mustard seeds being to pop and sizzle add the cabbage, carrots and sprinkle over the turmeric. Stir to make sure everything is mixed together well then cover and leave to cook on low heat until the cabbage is soft (between 5-7mins).

To serve place a warm roti on a plate, spoon on the sambharo in a line down the centre of the roti. Drizzle some greek style yogurt over the mix and top with fresh coriander.

Then roll and cut in half for easy eating.

Repeat as necessary for up to four kids and enjoy!

Sambharo Superfood Roti Wrap 2

Useful tip: If you choose to cook cabbage for any other meal, the best way to preserve the nutrients is by sautéing the cabbage (as in this recipe) rather than steaming or boiling.

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